Mads Sandberg Brun

Software Pilot @ Trifork
M.Sc. Computer Science

Twitter: @MadsSBrun

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Imagine Cup 2011

First place winners of Imagine Cup 2011 in the Orchard Challenge


Apps for iPad:

BrowserQuest (2013) - BrowserQuest is a multiplayer game inviting you to explore a world of adventure from your iPad.

Apps for Windows 8:

BrowserQuest (2013) - BrowserQuest is a multiplayer game inviting you to explore a world of adventure from your Windows 8 computer.

Agent 008 Ball (2012) - You play the role of agent 008 in this action-packed snooker game.

Tjek synsrapporten (2012 - under construction) - Find and read car inspection reports.

WordRecon (2012) - The funny way to recognize words!

Share My Files / Del mine filer (2012) - Lets you share your local files and folders to SkyDrive, etc. Or send them directly to another device using NFC.

The Decision Maker (2012) - Let the computer make your decisions.

CUDA software:

MUSCLE on CUDA (2012) - Massive parallelization of MUSCLE.

Modules for Mayhem - Won the Mayhem Master 2012 award (

Sensor Mayhem (2012) - Sensor and location related add-ons.

Twilio Mayhem (2012) - Twilio related add-ons.

OL 2012 Mayhem (2012) - OL 2012 related add-ons.

Computer Mayhem (2012) - Computer related add-ons.

Apps for Windows Phone:

GOTO Guide (2014) - The GOTO Guide for Windows Phone.

OL 2012 Medals / OL 2012 medaljer (2012) - A medal table with instant notification, when a country wins gold.

Postkassen (2012) - An app for our fully functional DIY mailbox at home.

DR Play (2012) - Watch live tv and more.
(Removed, because an app or program may not use the streams of DR™. More information at

Markedsplads (2012) - The danish marketplace app. See the statistics at

Flight Status / Flystatus (2011) - Track your flight times

GPS Alarms / GPS Alarmer (2011) - GPS Alarms for your Windows Phone

Spor pakken (2011) - A Track & Trace app for Post Danmark parcels

Navnelaboratoriet (2011) - Find approved Danish names and look at nice statistics

MemoryColor (2011) - A memory game with nice colors

Scoreboard / Scoretavle (2011) - A scoreboard for your BEZZERWIZZER Kompakt board game

Modules for Orchard :

AT Tools (2011) - A collection of accessibility and translation tools for Orchard

Extensions for TYPO3 :

PURE (2009 - 2011) - Lets you query information about persons, publications and activities from PURE servers

Pinned Sites (2011) - Windows 7 Desktop Integration with Internet Explorer 9 for TYPO3 websites.

Plus many more closed source extensions based on Extbase and Fluid.